Emotional Intelligence and HR

I recently read some research by John Cooper Associates that showed HR Professionals emotional intelligence (personal effectiveness) is diminishing? I must admit I was surprised. It got me thinking, why aren’t we paying attention to this essential competence.

To some extent it’s the age old story of ‘cobblers and their children’s shoes’. We are so busy taking care of others that we forget to take care or pay attention to ourselves.  This is despite the challenge to traditional HR values and the pressure to become increasingly business focused. It is applying pressure to an already stressed function to do things differently without paying attention to re-equipping our tool kits to deal with the different challenge.

So what’s the cure?
To be fit for this change we need to pause, get off the hamster wheel of work and take time to reconnect with ourselves. Making time in this way helps recharge the business batteries, gives you time to focus on the important things, look at how we connect with the business and our colleagues and perhaps try out different tools and working practices.

All easier said than done I hear you say.  I believe it was Einstein that said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Let’s stay sane and try something different today!