Take a risk and make a change

I recently attended a strategic influencing HR Masterclass run by the Aziz Corporation.  My role has changed recently and I reasoned that I needed to brush up on my influencing skills to enhance my chances of success.  One of the things I learnt is that 90% of our long lasting impression of someone is formed in the first 90 seconds of meeting.  So no pressure then!  Luckily the course had a myriad of verbal, vocal and visual tips to help make those first 90 seconds count.

This got me thinking, how many times a day as HR professionals do we need to make the right impression?  Plenty I hear you say.  So what are we doing about it?  Effective communication – verbal or none verbal is such an important skill in increasing gravitas and improving our ability to build rapport and ultimately influence our stakeholders.

We often rely on demonstrating our technical skills to make an impression, but just imagine if we could start the influencing process without saying a word.  It would allow us to create space in our day to do other things, making us more productive and ultimately more valuable. So I have decided to make this change, to work on my unspoken ‘first impression’.

Maybe it’s time you took the bold step and try something different?  Don’t be put off if it feels odd, rather like trying out a new coat to see how it fits, it’s often uncomfortable at first, but eventually you will never take the coat off!

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