The World of business is changing at a pace never seen before. Artificial intelligence alone is transforming the way we do things.  Look at the growth of products like Alexa which are revolutionising the way we are supported by assistants.  According to Forbes, startups are targeting this market to develop intelligent assistants designed to recruit employees, answer HR questions or personlise the learning experience.

Future organisational human capital is likely to be outside of the company, with jobs role becoming more flexible and multifacted.  Most millennials will have multiple distinct careers, across multiple different organisations. Our workforce won’t be on our door step anymore and the way we reward and manage performance will be different.

Companies structures will become more agile and not bound by the traditional organisational processes,people and culture that make up most large companies. Business growth will be determined in months not years.

So what does this mean for you?

Being agile will be a key skill.  This includes wrestling with how your organisation speed of learning, reacting to change, manage, collaborate and engage with global teams in a way that delivers sustainable business solutions. It also involves challenging current leadership behaviours and competences for future success.

Offpiste specialise in helping managers and their respective teams reach their potential through times of change.  A key ingredient in Offpiste programmes and services is the capacity to become more personally effective through the development of emotional intelligence (EI). Experience and research shows us that people with higher degrees of emotional intelligence (EI) perform better through times of change.  Their careers are less likely to be derailed and their ability to have deeper more powerful relationships with clients, staff and suppliers enhanced.

This is why Offpiste weave EI development into everything we do.  Our solutions are powered by world class EI tools provided by JCA global and delivered by our accredited consultants. This includes online profiling and App based resources to ensure behaviours are transferred into the work place quicker.