Certified partners

To provide the right services to our clients we have teamed up with two leading development partners:

  • JCA Global – A international supplier of emotional intelligence profiling and development tools
  • Kolbe International – A leading international supplier of assessment tools identifying the natural way that people take action

We use our partnership solutions in different ways depending upon the needs of our clients.  For example, when we want to shine a light on the Feeling’s side of the mind either in coaching or leadership development we use the JCA Global tool set.  If a client want’s to explore how they typically strive we would use Kolbe.

Offpiste has worked with JCA Global for many years both as a supplier of services and now as a practitioner partner. We are trained in both the administration and interpretation of:

  • Individual EIP
  • Team EIP
  • 360
  • Resilience reporting.

We also leverage JCA Global’s EIP App which supports behaviour change.  Offpiste use the development resources in support of our coaching, high performing teams and leadership programmes to help provide deeper insight into individual and team emotional intelligence.

For more information about Offpiste EI tools and how we use them or for a free 7 day trail of the EIP App please get in touch.

Offpiste is one of only a handful of certified Kolbe consultants in the UK. We are certified to provide the full spectrum of Kolbe tools including:

  • Kolbe A – Individual
  • Kolbe B – Role assessment
  • Kolbe C – Line Manager assessment
  • Kolbe team reports

We use Kolbe in a variety of ways to support self-awareness of individual striving style,to assess individual roles and gain line manager insight.  We also use Kolbe to support the hiring process, career and performance management.

For more information about Offpiste Kolbe tools and how we use them please get in touch.