Leadership & Team development

Ensuring your  Senior or Functional HR teams are high performing is critical to achieving your organisational objectives. Offpiste offer packaged or tailored Leadership and team development workshops focused on ensuring the team as whole is working in a emotionally intelligent way. Offpiste solutions are powered by JCA Global’s suite of EI’s team tools and are blended in nature using a combination of social, webinar and F2F classroom activities.

HR Leadership programmes

Offpiste has an ambition to ensure HR Leaders thrive, not just survive, in their chosen careers. We recognise having a senior HR Leadership team around you that does the same is a good recipe for success.

During times of strategic or operational change we run programmes to ensure the interference’s to achieving HR team management potential are identified and addressed in an open, collaborative and progressive way.

Like all good books, Offpiste programmes have a good start, middle and end.  Recognising that many teams are geographically dispersed we kick off our programmes virtually ensuring all participants are aware of the programmes aims and objectives and what to expect.  We use JCA Global’s Team online diagnostic and 360 solutions to identify the team’s perception of it’s self. We use the output of the online diagnostic to design the remainder programme – developing the F2F component to share and address these challenges across a 1-2 days immersive workshop.

Finally we ensure your team has a clear roadmap for change. We facilitate change as part of the programme but to ensure that participants transition their learning to the workplace, we carry on beyond the classroom through virtual and social learning means.  Offpiste consultants ultimately walk the path of change with our clients, ensuring they are supported in the best possible way.


  • Recognition of team skills and blockers to excellent performance
  • Discovery – understand individual team preferences and how this can be leveraged.
  • Work as a team to become more performance focused.

Team development

Offpiste also runs fixed and tailored packages to ensure HR functional teams are working as effectively as possible.  Offpiste programmes not only help the team to identify its own strengths and weaknesses but also how to make subtle tiller adjustments to ensure the team is working in a high performing way.

Our 1 -2 day programmes are perfect for newly created functional project teams or established team’s facing new business challenges.


  • Engaged and high performing project teams
  • Projects delivered on time and within budget

For more information on Offpiste HR development programmes please get in touch.