Where Learning and Talent professionals require more longer term support, Offpiste offer a dedicated mentoring service. This service can be fixed or flexible in nature based upon the needs of the mentee. It can also fulfill a combination of roles including Trainer, Coach, Career guide, Advisor/knowledge resource, Role model or simply supportive friend.

Because of the varied nature of the potential relationship, Offpiste mentoring services is bespoke to the individual.  An Offpiste mentor, will spend time with a potential client to gauge fit and understanding before agreeing and committing to a engagement model which meets their respective needs.

Typical engagement commences with an initial conversation to ensure that Offpiste can support your needs.  This is done via a FREE 45 minute initial consultation via Skype or voice. If the chemistry is right 2 further one hour mentoring sessions will be agreed.  Part of the aim of these 2 sessions is to not only support the mentee but deepen the relationship between both parties.  If trust has has evolved and there is a supportive relationship growing between both parties the ongoing commercial agreement will be agreed – whether this is a flexible or fixed term basis.

To find out more about Offpiste Mentor services, please get in touch.