Project: Career coaching

“Quite often it’s easier to go through each day trying to address your own weaknesses or more importantly to struggle to see your strengths.  Having embarked on a number of Executive Coaching sessions with Mike, it was truly the best decision and time well spent.  Mike and I started off by completing a useful Emotional Intelligence exercise to identify my attitude and behaviours, which along with what I aimed to achieve through Coaching, provided a solid grounding to work on.

I look forward to the sessions with Mike, I find them valuable and thought-provoking.  Mike challenges me on the issues I face, how I approach them and what I should do differently next time.   In terms of my wider development and career aspirations, Mike challenges me to be clear on my goals and how I am going to achieve them.  The sessions can be difficult as they require honesty, but before you know it, you are effectively applying new skills and approaches.


Finding someone to trust was the most important part of finding a coach for me.  Mike listens, understands and encourages me to be open and not shy away from my own feelings.  As Mike has worked in HR and held internal coaching and leadership roles, I could see his experience and skills come through and that reassurance me that my Coaching was in good hands.

I would recommend Mike, to any senior HR professional that wants to enhance their credibility and to improve the way they manage business day to day.”

Client: Senior HR Manager


Project: Development coaching

“I have had a number of personal coaching session with Mike over the past 6 months. I found this to be very effective in helping me to work on some developmental areas I wanted to address and also in focusing my thoughts around my next career steps. I have undertaken psychometric assessments before however, what I found was lacking from this process was the “so what”. Understanding yourself is the first step but using this understanding to adapt and grow is something different.  Mike helped me to take this knowledge of myself and understand how this may translate in to what other people see. He also introduced techniques to support me to adapt my style whilst not losing site of my strengths.”

Client: Head of Reward & Shared service