Executive and Management Coaching

Offpiste coaching was created to provide dedicated support to business professionals where specific focused help is required in unpicking interferences which limits performance.

Each Offpiste coaching engagement is different and personal to the coachee.  Where Offpiste mentoring services provide more long-term engagement, our coaching model is focused on helping individuals become more effective through personal reflection and self management.  We use a combination of solution focused coaching techniques, EI and personality diagnostics to explore an individuals success blockers, before providing a safe and secure environment to support the achievement of goals. Our coaches are certified through the International Coach Federation:


The Offpiste coaching model

Our coaching model is a straightforward four step process.  We use psychological and solution focused coaching techniques to support our clients reach their potential in life. To maximise our clients time engagement with Offpiste coaches, where possible, is virtual, using a combination of video or voice based solutions.  This is not only makes the coaching process cost effective but also flexible to manage during busy working schedules.

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